Rates & Services



We are available for various lengths of drop-in visits to see, play with, and feed your pet while you are away. Schedule as many visits as needed throughout the day to have your pet loved and cared for while you’re away. Please note, the 15 minute visit is only available within Durango city limits.

  • $15 for a 15 minute visit

  • $25 for a 30 minute visit

Extended Daytime Companion Care
Does your pet need extra care and attention while you are gone? Do you feel badly leaving your companion alone all day while you are at work? We can come to your place to keep your beloved ones company and care for them while you are gone!

  • $30 - 1 hour

  • $40 - 2 hours

  • $50 - 4 hours

  • $60 - 6 hours

  • $70 - 8 hours

Overnight Services
Going out of town and can’t take Fido and Kitty with you? If you desire more one-on-one attention for your pet while you’re away (with no noisy kennels and cement floors!) we are ready to pack our pajamas and care for your pets in the comfort of their home!

  • Standard Overnight - $70: This service is modeled after a typical 9-5 work day schedule. Your pets will have a max 8 hours alone during the day, then companionship in the evening, overnight, and morning. Overnight pet sitting includes afternoon / dinner routine, overnight stay, and morning pet care routine.

  • Overnight Plus - $85: All services offered in the Standard Overnight, plus one 30-minute mid-day walk / visit. With this option, your pets won’t be without a friend for more than 4-5 hours max at any time during the day.

  • Overnight Adventure - $110: Have an active pup that needs more play time and loves the outdoors? Our Overnight Adventure package includes all services offered in the Standard Overnight, plus an extended trail adventure with your pup each day. We’ll take your furry friend on a hike on one of Durango’s trails for a minimum of one hour and send you pictures so you can see how much fun they are having!

  • Standard Overnight (Cat Only) Sitting - $50: Want more one-on-one attention for your kitty while you’re away? Our overnight cat-sitting includes morning and evening feeding, play time, litter box cleaning, and spending the night with your feline companion.

  • 24-Hour Home Stay- $120: The best option for puppies, elderly animals with medical needs, or other unique situations. We will be away from your home for a maximum of two, two-hour breaks in a 24-hour period.


  • Text/email photo updates

  • Watering plants

  • Litter-box cleaning

  • Bringing in mail and newspaper

  • Taking out trash

  • Administering any oral or topical medications that are prescribed to your pet

  • Window blinds and lights alternated so no one knows you are not at home

  • Client special requests

Extra Animals Policy:
- For clients who own more than two pets, there will be an extra $10 per pet over two animals.

Mileage Policy: 
- For clients more than five miles outside of downtown Durango, there will be an additional one-way charge of $0.50 per mile.

Cancellation Policy: 
- 25% of pet-sit total will be charged for Overnight Pet-sitting reservation cancellations made with less than 48 hours advance notice


Dog Walking & Hiking

15 Minute Potty Break - $15
Perfect for a quick stretch of the legs and bladder relief any time of day. This short service is only available in Durango city limits.

30 Minute Walk & Play - $25
Great for dogs requiring moderate exercise. This service will give your dog an energizing breath of fresh air and a trip around the neighborhood. Service can include outside or inside play time to meet your pet’s needs.

Adventure Hike - $40
For pups who need more room to roam we also offer hikes on local trails. Hiking time will be a minimum of an hour. Depending on where we go you can expect your dog to be out and about for 2-3 hours. Non-aggressive dogs only; must have good recall to hike off-leash.